Write for the Right Reasons

I have written hundreds of short stories, a few screenplays, and started (but have yet to finish) several novels over the span of my life dating back to my childhood. Although none of my writings have been published, my teachers always encouraged me to never stop writing. I do not write for money or fame. I write because it’s second to the things I do best; editing is my greatest skill, a skill I never knew I had until I noticed the overwhelming boom of new writers flooding across the internet. Writing is not something you just decide to do because it’s easy and even easier to gain recognition for. It’s not easy nor is it worth recognition if you aren’t following the rules. I suppose it doesn’t matter much to corporations and businesses that are constantly hunting down five star reviews and content fir their websites, but their mistake is paying anyone who takes the bait. Editing is far from priority. My attention to detail proves so. Published books, novels, even legal documents miss a punctuation so simple it’s infuriating enough to scream. I’ve decided to finally listen to the voices of my inspiring mentors and share my writings (and editing), both technical and creative, to the online world. It’s not out of the obsession to become famous or attract a large following on social media, but knowing I put myself out there is the scariest thing I can do. Life begins outside of my comfort zone. Enough daydreaming. A dream never realized is a waste.